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7 Government Grants That Every Ontario Homeowner Should Know About

We've all heard the story - a neighbour spends months planning their home renovations, and even then goes WAY over budget. These hapless homeowners are not alone - a survey in 2006 found that 38% of renovators exceeded their home improvement budget...by an average of 88%!

But overspending on renovations is not inevitable. In addition to planning ahead to save money on home improvements, there are many government grants and rebates that Ontario homeowners can use to avoid falling into "the money pit".

7 Government Grants & Rebates = $37,362 In Free Home Improvements

In this article we cover seven government grants and rebates that every Ontario homeowner should know about. Combined, these grants and rebates could put $37, 362 in your pocket (if you live in Ontario). Here's a quick snapshot of the grants, and the maximum amount they pay out:

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program ($24,000)

The RRAP (Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program) was set up by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to encourage homeowners to create "secondary suites" in their homes, and rent them out to low-income seniors and people with disabilities. The $24,000 is a forgivable loan - as long as the program requirements are being met (i.e. you're renting to a low-income senior or person with a disability) you don't have to pay back the loan. And at the end of 15 years, you can rent to whoever you want.

GST/HST New Housing Rebate (1.5% of GST/HST)

Don't let the name of this one fool you - this is not just for new-home builders. The New Housing rebate is meant to defray part of the GST/HST paid on a new house OR substantially renovating an existing house. The catch with this one is that if you're renovating your house, it can't be worth more than $450,000 once the renovations are completed.

RST Exemption for EnergyStar Household Appliances (15% of retail price)

To encourage Ontario consumers to purchase products that are more energy efficient, the Province of Ontario is exempting EnergyStar appliances from the 15% retails sales tax until July 20, 2008.

Genworth Financial Energy-Efficient Housing Program or CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance Refund (10% of mortgage insurance premium)

Canada's two main mortgage insurance outfits (Genworth Financial, and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation), will take 10% off your mortgage insurance premium if you buy an energy efficient home, or do energy-saving improvements to your current home.

Home Energy Audit Program ($150)

The Province of Ontario will refund 50% of the cost of a home energy audit, up to $150.

ecoENERGY Retrofit Grant ($5,000)

The federal government will give you rebates for doing energy-saving renovations to your home, up to a maximum of $5,000. The amount you get back depends on what kinds of home improvements you make. Examples of renovations that pay include installing an energy-efficient furnace, installing better insulation, and sealing drafts in your windows and doors.

Home Energy Retrofit Program ($5,000)

To give an extra incentive to Ontarians to do the home improvements recommended by the federal ecoENERGY Retrofit program, the Province of Ontario will match the amount of rebates you get back through the ecoENERGY program.

Show Me the Green - 3 Steps to $37,362

Now that you know about these grants, what do you do next? Follow the steps below to quickly and easily claim your rebates:
  1. Find out how to apply for the seven grants and rebates
ShowMeTheGreen.ca has a brief description and simple steps to follow to apply for each of the grants and rebates mentioned in this article. Links to each rebate are provided in step 4 below (but read steps 2 and 3 first!)
  1. Save your favourites
When you're on the Description page for each grant and rebate, click on the little "Save to Favorites" button that's next to the rebate title. This will save a copy of the page for you to get later. When you're finished saving all of the rebates, click on "Save favorites". You'll be given the option to either print all of the rebates, or save them to your computer.
  1. Follow the steps
Each rebate includes the steps you need to take to submit your application to each rebate program. That's it! Pick and choose from this list of grants and rebates, or be ambitious and go for them all.

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316 Reviews for “7 Government Grants That Every Ontario Homeowner Should Know About”

  1. D. Green Says:

    We own a home in much need of repair from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. My husband and I both work and our combinded income keeps us in the low middle class area. Because we are raising 4 children we do not want to put ourselves in a financial possition of not being able to provide for our family. We do have a mortgage on our home which will be paid off in about 12 more years but in the meantime things need to be fixed. I am not speaking of cosmetics, I am refering to the basics. We have been able over the years to patch and make do but we are now beyond that point. Is there any program out there to assist families who are trying to make a go of it? The last time I checked we made a little under $300 too much in annual income to qualify for a low interest loan for home repair. We are not looking for a handout, just some help.

  2. brian and diane roy Says:

    We own a home in need of a roof repair and fondation repair and we also need new windows and doors. My husband and i both ar not working, we ar on ei. We do have a mortgge on our home. This is not speaking of cosmetics but refering to the basics.The furnice is also in bad shape. Is there any program out there to assist families who are trying to make improvement to their cost of heating? and how do we aply for it.

  3. mila Says:

    Hello World

  4. Colleen Says:

    We have a paint product that has an energystar rating. It has water proofing capabilities as well as insulating. How do we get this information out to more people and how can we have this product envolved in a rebate program?

  5. Mark Says:

    Hi Colleen -

    Thanks for your question. I would advise you to contact Natural Resources Canada, which is the government agency that handles Energy Star.

    Editor, ShowMeTheGreen.ca

  6. Jenn Says:

    We have a mold problem in our home. Are there any grants out there that will help us fix this problem. It is a health issue. We both work, but can’t really afford to repair it on our own.

  7. Paul Says:

    We have a bungalow with a wash basin and a toilet downstairs and would like to put a shower stall in. Would we qualify for a rebate ?

  8. Bert Summerhayes Says:

    We are home owners in need for shingling and eavestroughs . We are both retired living on a very tight budget with very high taxes from increase reassesments over the years, making it difficult for us to afford the repairs.I am seventy one years of age,but capable of doing other internal repairs ,however not capable of the roofing myself.It has been two years of worry that water doesn’t leak into my home.I have worked hard and contributed much in my life time, and now I’m asking for some help.I have maintained my home to the best of my ability over the years ,but this is the most crutial.

  9. Christine Says:

    We are a one income family and four children. We have a small farm and a house that is in need of a major overhaul we have a leaking field stone foundation, leaky roof, window and doors need to be replaced and it is desperate need of some electrical rewiring and insulation. We love our house and would like to add an energy efficient additon on one day. What grants are available for us. CJ

  10. Show Me The Green « miltonblog.ca and miltonblog.com Says:

    [...] 7 Government Grants That Every Ontario Homeowner Should Know About [...]

  11. Penny Says:

    Hi, I am a single woman in her 40′s.I have purchased a 2 house rent to own ( own in may 2011). I have electric heat, that really kills me.(paying 500.00 monthly in winter) I would like to install a new furnace, window’s, doors, insulation, and siding, and possibly the foundation needs repair. Would like to make my house a more energy efficient and comfortable home, which I purchased it in memory of my dear father..Do I qualify for a grant and Which one do I qualify for…


  12. Irene Vaughan Says:

    We are having a landscape contracor build a retaining wall and stairs on our home property. The cost is approximately $10,000. Is there a grant/rebate available for having this work done in 2009?
    Irene Vaughan

  13. Tammy L Says:

    I recently recieved a water test back , Bad news water is unfit do to septic waste,Is there any financial assistance for septic and Well repairs or replacements. I know this usually runs anywhere between 10 and 15.ooo. any information would be greatly appreciated. We have 2 children and only my husband is working at the moment which is making it very hard

  14. Richard Bouwhuis Says:

    We are home owners in desperate need of new shingles. I am retired living on a very tight budget. The roof should have been done a few years back and I’m worried that it will soon start to leak.

  15. moe wozniak Says:

    Having same problem. Any responses?

  16. Yumi Says:

    I bought a townhouse recently. 3 bedrooms are fully carpeted. I am allergy to any kinds of carpet,rug and so on. I want to install hardwood floor in these 3 bedrooms. Am I qualify to apply for government grant or rebate for this? How much I can claim?

  17. Stacey Says:

    My husband and I are struggling to bring some heat to the upstairs of our house. We have fully insulated the upstairs and have had an energy auditor come in, but now that we are in October I have noticed the bedrooms are still too cold. I am pregnant with a due date of this Sunday and am very concerned that our house will not be liveable for an infant this winter. Is there any grant program you could point us to that would help us make the repairs we need? We were told to add more heating ducts in the upstairs, but can’t afford to do this with my maternity benefits. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Maria Bindert Says:

    We have recently had a flood in the basement from a careless act of my son, 13 years old, throwing something in the sump pump hole. Insurance company came in and found Mold. Unfortunately found mold older than the recent flooding would have caused, and we did not know about it. They immediately cancelled our house insurance and told us that they would not cover the costs to get rid of the mold in the house as the contract states their are no funds for mold remediation. Our roof needs to be redone, our water softener needs to be replaced and the glass in the front window fell down from the frame of the window and the whole window needs to be replaced! HELP! All these repairs total up to $40,000.00 plus. We do not have this kind of money to put into the house and are looking for some sort of grant and/or low % loan to take care of the repairs. I am a nurse who works fulltime but recently been told of our hospital ward closing. My husband hasnt worked in the last 6 years. We need any help we can get to pay for these repairs. Can you help us or steer us in the right direction to get help?
    Thank you for any help you can give us.

  19. Maija Says:

    I’ve read the previous comments. Everything I’ve read has been a question or request… but there are no answers or responses. Am I missing the point to this page? I too have questions…

  20. V. Villeneuve Says:

    Do we qualify for any grants or subsidies if the work was done recently on my mom’s home. She suffered a stroke in June 2009 and was hospitalized. She did not want to go to a home, so we had to modify a backroom to accommodate her needs. This room had to be completely retrofitted from top to bottom. Because she was going to be discharged fairly soon the renovations had to be done quickly. We required, a wheelchair ramp, railings, wood floors, new windows, insulated exterior, barrier free bathroom, carpet removed and replaced in other parts of house. Larger doorways, handles, new roof on the addition, etc. She lives with a caregiver, on a small pension but owns the house

  21. derek and joanne watson Says:

    my husband and i own our home with no morgage as of yet. we are in desprate need of a grant to upgrade our septic system as it is from the early 1970′s. We are afraid the weeping bed is close to seeping into our drinking water. If you could get back to us and maybe let us know how to apply for a goverment grant that would be great. My husband and my incomes combined are under 30,000 a year. We make enough to just keep the house running. But we survive.

    Thank you
    joanne and derek watson
    huntsville ontario

  22. margaret Parr Says:

    I am a senior, widow on a low income. My roof needs reroofing. It is a semi and the next door neighbour and I agree that it really needs to be done this year. Is there any help for me towards this problem. Thanks for the advice.

  23. Violet Lowe Says:

    We are seniors on a fixed income and live in a well maintained 98 year old family home. We need to have old wiring changed before it affects our insurance. Is there any grants or other financial help that we could apply for in this respect. Thanks for your reply.

  24. Ann Lizotte Says: Says:

    I am 54 years old and disabled. I am looking for a grant to do renovations on house. I need to put a new roof on and do renovations inside my home. Please get back to me about this. Very important to get this done soon. Don’t know what to do.

  25. Linda Mills Says:

    my house is 60yrs old and has shavings for insulation and the siding is falling off. HELP!

  26. Nancy Tull Says:

    I would like the answer to question #6. My husband and I are both on ODSP and have had recent repairs done through RAPP. After all work done we decided to check out our bedroom and found mold all in the ceiling and some walls. We need additional assistance to fix this problem. My husband has emphysema. We need help please. Thank you

  27. Sylvie Beauleiu Says:

    We need help asasp. Off on disability & employer not paying any benefits. Now spouse is as well on disability leave. Debts have piled up to the point that now we must either file consumer proposal or bankruptcy with the house being includded. We have 60 days to find another apartment/house but we do not have any buildings in mind. We need three bedrooms. If noone helps we will surely be homeless family. Help me

  28. Nicole Brush Says:

    I too, would like the answer to question 6 and 26. We have an older home as well… no sign of weeping tile ever installed around the house, so water has gotten into the basement blocks. They have frozen and cracked, and mold is growing. I have two smaller children and a husband with asthma. Is there ANY help with these repairs? Even an interest free loan would help…

  29. Michele Smith Says:

    We are a middle income family and we have black mold and foundation is falling in around us. We have no extra money to do the repairs The house is about early 20s. My husband and I work full time. Is there anything or anywhere to go for help.

  30. Peter Hicks Says:

    We have a 110 yr old home in a small town. My family is growing with 5 boys. I need living space bad. I find that being such a old home it is very expensive to get anything done do to have to upgrade electrical or even meeting building codes. I how can I get help to insure my home is safe, ample, and efficient for my family? We live off one income and make a good go at it, But upgrades nail us to the wall.

    Thanks Peter

  31. Don Lacasse Says:

    I have knob & tube wiring in my home and need funds to have the electrical system upgraded. We are lower income with 4 dependants living in our home. What help is there for our family?

  32. Jessica Says:

    I am expecting triplets in the spring(April or May). We need info on a grant or any financial help to expand our home. Our home has 2 small bedrooms but that ain’t enough for 2 parents and 3 kids…any info would be great…

  33. Nicole Says:


  34. chris lentz Says:

    Call West End Roofing and Renovations @ 613-978-9378 in the greater Ottawa area for assistance with your renovation needs.

  35. Linda Blake Says:

    My house is about 70 years old and has not been upgraded in years. It need foundation work a new roof, the electrical brought up to 200 amps. new windows.
    We are seniors and I have a disability that impedes my motor shills, the result of complications from surgery last April.
    Our combined income lasty years was $51,000 and it will be a lot less this year as I am not able to work at present. I would appreciate hearing about anythin out there that can help us. Thanks Linda Blake

  36. Ron Pilla Says:

    I am a heart transplant recipient on disability and on dialysis. My son has Asthma. My wife is employed but our combined income remains insufficient to cover ongoing home maintenance and improvements.
    Recently we’ve been told we need a new furnace and oil tank
    Can anyone tell me of any goverment grants or forgivable loans that can assist us?


    We are currently in the process of upgrade the electrical system at our cottage. We are also removing the oil-burning furnace. Are we entitled to any kind of grant?

    Ingrid Gamble

  38. Maria R. Salinas Says:

    I am home owner, senior disable on a low income, my house is approx. 70 years old and needs for insulation, old wiring changed,old pipes liking, needs insolation (house extremely cold, basement mold problems, I have 2 times a flood in the basement, also I have doors and windows problems in my house.
    I am desperate for needs please help. It is a health issue, I suffer for arthritis and osteoporosis

  39. Liz A. Says:

    I purchased a home 10 years ago. I have had water problem in the basement which I have already paid $5,000 + for repairs. With all the rain we have had recently the basement is once again leaking. My current annual income is slightly over $40,000. I am a divorced and have no other source of income. Are there any government grants available to assist me?

  40. Lisa Horvath Says:

    I am looking for a government grant to fix my basement. It leaks very badly and is getting black mold. I am a single mother with an income of less than $20,000.

  41. Rachel Says:

    Just curious before I post a question. It seems no one is receiving any replies??

  42. Nicole Says:

    NOPE… no one is getting answers. I tried to email the webmaster directly to see if they are maintaining the site still… No reply.

  43. J Douglad Best Says:

    Our home was built in 88 and we purchased it in 2003. This past winter we have noticed mould on all the outside walls at wall and ceiling junctures. We are both retired and do not have available cash to have this repaired. Is there any help available from either the provincal or federal governments?

  44. Liz A. Says:

    what good is a website when no one replies?????

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  51. Nicole Says:

    These last 5 posts… can you say SCAM?!?!?

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  53. m. saucier Says:

    looking for info on grants available in Ontario for roofing, shingles, for a senior couple, its September 2011 any available grants, please reply thanks

  54. carlo lattanzio Says:

    I have a mould problem and I was wondering if there are any government assistance for this.If yes how does it work?

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  58. Gisele O'Phee Says:

    My parents are both on a limited income, they have huge mold issues in their home are there any grants available to help them with this??

  59. joanne kivimaki Says:

    people have to know that the rebate is not what it says. i had all the work done,i called they said they we’re overbooked, the gentelman said not too worry,i can make an appointment next year for last check up. so i did, they the man who answered the did not say that. this was not fair to anyone especialy when one takes her disabilty check to do the work,thinking that she will get the rebate.IT’S NOT FAIR AT ALL.this is to help the ones who needs it. please correct the problems that rebate is not what it is.

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  62. Cheryl Says:

    I was with some friends discussing buried oil tanks. One said there was a program in New Jersey where the gov’t gave rebates when environmentally removing them. Is there a program similar to this in Toronto, Ontario?

  63. Ron Sedlak Says:

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  65. Debbie Potts Says:

    I need to know as much as possible. I am disabled and living with my father in law. The house needs a great deal of work and I can’t do it.
    Tell me everything.

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