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Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Home Insulation Program

Province/Territory: Manitoba

Rebate Amount: Up to 100% of the cost of insulation materials (expected average of more than $500 per home)

Description: Manitoba Hydro will cover up to 100% of the cost of insulation materials placed in attics, walls and crawl spaces in customers’ homes in which electricity or natural gas has been used as the principal heating source for at least one year.

Detached and semi-detached homes, and mobile homes on permanent foundations and condominiums are eligible for this rebate. Summer homes or cottages, unoccupied homes and homes under construction are not eligible.

Insulation work must meet specified minimum requirements and be approved by Manitoba Hydro before it is undertaken. The rebate amount provided by Manitoba Hydro is calculated based on the type and quantity of insulation materials installed.

Steps to Get This Rebate:

  1. The rebate application must be completed by the contractor hired to undertake the work, or by the building supply retailer if no contractor is hired.
  2. The contractor or retailer will submit the form and original receipts to Manitoba Hydro, and inform you when the application is approved.
  3. The work must be completed within six months of the date of the application.
  4. The rebate is issued as a credit to a customer account or as a cheque.

When the Rebate Ends:


For More Information:

Home Insulation Program website Phone: 888-MBHYDRO (888-624-9376).

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11 Reviews for “Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Home Insulation Program”

  1. dale Says:


    I am wondering if windows and doors have any form of rebate or grant?
    An existing attached garage, that has no insullation. Does this fall into this catagory. I will be putting a gas furnace in it.
    Thank you
    I wish to do these projects very soon. I await a quick response.

  2. Bob Says:

    Can you tell me if the insulation grant applies to an attached garage. I have no current heat in the garage.

  3. Stan Parag Says:

    My home is approximately 2 yrs old. I have a triple attach garage. The garage is not insulated. I usully leave my rear door to the garage to keep it warm. Will Manitoba Hydro cover the cost for blow-in-insulation to the attic of the garage.

  4. Rod Says:

    Hi, My home was built around 1942 and is in desperate need of windows and insulation. I can,t afford to upgrade on my own. Could you help me find a way to get started?

  5. Manuel Correia Says:

    There is no outline on the WEBSITE on who or what kind of building generally qualifies for power smart loans.
    My question; Does a trailor home with no FOUNDATION qualify?
    Thank You!

    There is no space above for email only for mail! My email is: mdcorreia@shaw.ca

  6. Penny Johnson Says:

    I am interested in receiving by mail (not email) 3 publications from a series of 8 called Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation from Hydro:

    #2 Basement and Crawlspace Insulation
    #6 Heating Systems
    #8 Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation
    Thank you,
    Penny Johnson
    11 Hidden Oaks Cove
    Winnipeg, MB R3K 0V6

  7. Kerry Asham Says:

    I have a house approx. 65 years old. I have had a energy audit done there is approx. r-7 in the ceilings. Low slope cathedral 2×10 inch joists. I need to re-roof and re-insulate the roof as it is at the end of its life span. There is not much space between the two by tens to add insulation. what should the ceilng have in it for r factor? What is out there for grants that i can apply for? This is going to be a costly project. The house is 2500 sq feet. Kerry future2b@shaw.ca any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. santiago mendoza Says:

    we just replaced our door a month ago and i am wondering if i am eligible for the manitoba hydro rebate. please let me know asap? thank you.

  9. Peter Paley Says:

    I am interested if replaced doors & windows are included in the Smart Home Insulation program. My e-mail is ppaley@mts.net. A response would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks: Peter Paley

  10. Peter Paley Says:

    I am interested if replaced doors & windows are included in the Smart Home Insulation program. A response would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks: Peter Paley

  11. jerry Says:

    hi. live in a war time home. home is in need of insulation, doors and windows. can you help? thanks

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