Fortis B.C. PowerSense Heat Pump Incentive

Province/Territory: British Columbia (South Central)

Rebate Amount: A one-time grant of $0.05 per kWh of reduced annual consumption (typically $200-400) or a reduced-interest loan up to $5,000

Get either a cash grant or a reduced-interest loan when you install a ground or air source heat pump in your home.

The cash grant is a one-time grant of $0.05 for each kilowatt-hour in reduced annual electricity consumption. The loan is available up to $5,000 at 4.9% interest and with a 10-year term.

This program requirements specify that:

  • Electricity is your primary source of space heating.
  • The GSHP will be installed in a residential dwelling.
  • The GSHP system uses closed loop underground piping or open loop e.g. well, if water source is suitable.
  • The system equipment design and installation meets Canadian Standards Association standards.
  • The GSHP be installed by FortisBC registered contractor.

This program is not available to Fortis customers in Alberta.

Steps to Get This Rebate:

  1. Call the PowerSense hotline at 1-866-436-7847.

When the Rebate Ends:

Program has ended

For More Information:

Fortis Heat Pump Program website

Phone: 1-866-436-7847.

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  1. Cathy Richards says

    I have an 18 year old gas furnace, and want to install an electric air source heat pump so that I get the additional benefit of cooling in the summer. I don’t have air conditioning at present. So, switching from gas furnace to electric air pump means I don’t qualify for your rebate — there will be no reduction in electricity usage.

    Further, a federal eco-energy audit and follow-up audit would cost me $400, the same as the federal grant, so that doesn’t seem worthwhile either.

    Are there any rebates or incentive programs for me?

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