Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Furnace and Boiler Replacement Program



Province/Territory: Manitoba

Rebate Amount: $245 per furnace or boiler

Get a $245 government rebate when you replace your old furnace or boiler with a new ENERGY STAR qualified furnace or boiler.

New furnaces or boilers must have been purchased and installed after November 30, 2005.

Steps to Get This Rebate:


  1. Replace your old furnace with a new ENERGY STAR qualified high-efficiency furnace.
  2. Get the Power Smart Furnace Replacement Program from your installer and ask them to help you fill it out. You can also get the form here.
  3. Mail your completed application form along with proof of purchase to:
Residential Furnace/Boiler Rebate Program
Manitoba Hydro – Energy Services & Sales
444 St. Mary Avenue, Winnipeg MB R3C 3T7
  1. Upon verification of the application, Manitoba Hydro will credit the rebate amount to your natural gas bill.

When the Rebate Ends:

Program has ended

For More Information:

Furnace and Boiler Replacement Program website

Phone: 888-MBHYDRO (888-624-9376).


  1. Gerdie Fisher says

    how come all your low interest loans and rebate only apply to Gas furnaces? What are the alternatives to the rural population that have not Gas lines near by. We are also using Manitoba Hydro and paying for the use (even more since we have only the electric option. I really think this is very unfair as we do not have the option of a gas furnace. ANY suggestions???

  2. Mark says

    Hello Gerdie – thanks very much for visiting our site.

    Unfortunately, we only list the government rebates that are available – we don’t have any control over the programs that are created. I suggest you contact Manitoba Hydro and express your concerns. You can reach them by email here

    Hope that helps.


  3. Michelle Tillett says

    We are still using an oil furnace (rural manitoba). Are there any rebate programs available to swich from fossil fuel to electric furnace?

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